Solitary Confinement and The John Howard Society

Myth or Fact


The John Howard Society is opposed to Solitary Confinement.


The John Howard Society is committed to effective, just and humane corrections.
Serious and detrimental effects on mental and physical health from solitary confinement and segregation are well documented.

John Howard Society seeks restrictions on the use of solitary confinement, segregation, and seclusion in all Canadian penitentiaries, correctional facilities, jails and detention centres and specifically that:
(a) consistent with the recommendations of the Coroner’s jury in the Ashley Smith Inquest,
periods of solitary confinement be limited to a maximum of 15-day periods separated by at least 5 days not in solitary confinement and no more than a total of 60 days be spent in solitary confinement in a calendar year;
(b) solitary confinement be prohibited for those with serious or acute mental illness; and
(c) access to judicial review of a prisoner’s solitary confinement be provided.

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