Restorative Justice Week 2020 Community Champions: Richard & Susan Ulmer

During Restorative Justice Week, we are highlighting community champions that embody the principles and practice of restorative justice in our Province.

Today, we are pleased to recognize the husband and wife team of Richard (not pictured) and Susan Ulmer of Susan Ulmer Addiction Services. They run one of our key partner agencies in Regina, connecting clients to support when they are ready to address their addiction issues. SUAS is a 22-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment program. This program is designed to allow clients to attend school, work or look after their families. This program deals with your guilts and resentments, drinking and using history, and the cost of your addiction. The Outpatient program is followed by a 20-hour Relapse Prevention Program. This program is designed to deal with people, places, and things that can take the client back out using. Their mission is to provide confidential, compassionate treatment and to allow clients the ability to heal and become a proactive member of society.

Richard and Susan support our mutual clients free of charge through their Addiction and Relapse Prevention programming! The way they support their clients is remarkable. Richard and Susan are very professional and caring individuals. They create great relationships with the people they serve and we regularly hear how well everyone is treated during their time with this agency! They have not stopped serving their clients throughout this pandemic, recognizing how important it is for their clients to get the counseling and support that they offer!

We have partnered with them in our Liberty Lodge Justice Housing program, connecting clients to their services, as well as offering space in our housing program for their clients. Richard and Susan are amazing people that offer so much for the community and very much deserve praise for the work they do. Thank you Richard and Susan Ulmer!