Do people who go to jail spend the rest of their lives there?


Most people who go to prison will spend most of their lives there.


It is estimated that over 90% of people who are sent to prison will eventually be released to the community.
Unfortunately, there are many who will re-offend, especially when they have not been treated for mental illness and/or addictions.
Approx. 80% of those incarcerated have mental health and/or addiction problems. This tells us that treatment and rehabilitation are critical to reduce recidivism, enhance public safety and instill confidence within our corrections system. People are sent to prison as punishment, not to be punished! The absence of effective programming and lack of resources to deal with mental health and addiction issues contribute immensely to those that re-offend once released.
Effective, Just & Humane treatment of those being incarcerated will result in safer communities.

Greg Fleet
Chief Executive Officer
John Howard Society of Saskatchewan