Myth or Fact

Myth: The John Howard Society of Saskatchewan (JHSS) primarily works with criminals who are either in jail or who are in the community.

The John Howard Society of Saskatchewan does work with young men and adults, serving their sentence or after leaving incarnation, it is only a small part of what services we deliver on a daily basis.

Our LYNC (Linking Youths Needs to the Community) program offers young people with a high risk to reoffend a positive connection to sustainable supports in the community. Risk is managed by enhancing youth’s personal assets and skill base and promoting healthy lifestyles.

We also deliver the Alternative Measures and Youth Extra-judicial Sanctions (EJS) programs. These programs are for minor criminal offenses. The John Howard Society arranges a face to face meeting between the offender and victim. A mediated discussion takes place with the intent of resolving the conflict through a mediation agreement and hopefully deterring the offender from further criminal activity. Upon completion, the charge is withdrawn by the courts.

Approximately 70% of the work JHSS delivers is with “At Risk” youth and young adults, who have no connection to the criminal justice system. We run 5 youth homes for males age 12 – 20, who may otherwise be homeless, serving over 30,000 meals a year!. We deliver Outreach Services in the community to reach vulnerable youth. Our Supported Independent Living program assists youth as they transition to independent living.
Did you know the JHSS is the largest Fine Option agent in the province. Each year we connect thousands of individuals with community partners where they work to pay off their fines.