March 26th Program Updates: COVID-19

JHSS is currently following their pandemic response plan for all programs. All necessary steps are being taken to ensure client and staff safety. At the same time, we want to ensure the communities we serve have the support they need. We are doing our best to provide service while ensuring everyone stays safe.

Below is an update on what is happening with our various programs.

Public Legal Counsel: Our Public Legal Counsel, Pierre Hawkins, is still offering assistance to inmates currently in prison while operating remotely. Pierre is no longer holding face to face meetings at the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre, but continues to assist with discipline matters, administrative segregation, and security level designations through phone and in writing. Pierre is also leading our advocacy efforts for safety in prisons during the COVID-19 health crisis. 

ARC (Adults Reintegrating into Community): While continuing to operate, ARC is currently not holding any in person visits with clients. Staff are continuing to provide support through phone, text, and email to ensure clients have the help needed to access services. They continue to work with clients on staying healthy and whole, supporting their overall goal of successful reintegration into the community.

Institutional Support Phone Line: Continues to operate and offer support to inmates in need of information. Staff are offering supports to newly released inmates through phone, text, and email.

Fine Option and Community Service Order Program: This program has been suspended by the Government of Saskatchewan. Caseworkers in these programs are calling active clients to offer support and guidance on next steps. All clients have been given an extension for 6 months up to one year in cases where fines/orders have a large amount of hours. Caseworkers are still engaging work placement agencies to continue providing support as needed.

Cornerstone Relapse Prevention Program: Our 12-week relapse program in Regina, Moose Jaw, and Prince Albert is currently on hold. We will resume providing this program as soon as we are able. 

Residential Programs (Saskatoon & Regina): Our housing programs continue to operate as we support residents, with necessary steps having been put in place to ensure the safety of staff and clients. Residents are being instructed to limit exposure, wash hands, clean regularly, and use social distancing as needed. Visitors are not allowed in homes until further notice. Additional cleanliness procedures have been put in place.

Supported Independent Living Program: Staff continue to offer support to youth through phone, text, and email. Staff are working with youth to limit exposure to others by not allowing visitors during this time.

Outreach: Staff continue to work with youth in crisis, offering support safely and as needed.

Cornerstone Drop-in (Regina & Moose Jaw): Closed until further notice. We hope to open to the public again as soon as it is safe to do so.

For more information, please contact one of our branches:

Provincial Office
Toll Free:  1-866-584-2115

Regina Branch
Toll Free:  1-888-757-6658

Saskatoon Branch
Toll Free:  1-877-244-8347

Moose Jaw Branch
Toll Free:  1-866-485-0777

Prince Albert Branch