Fine Option Programs Lost due to Provincial Government Cut Backs.

Myth: The Fine Option Program has little community value.


The Fine Option program provides an opportunity for people to work off traffic and parking tickets in the community.

In the three cities we service, over 84,000 community service hours were performed at 112 different non-profit community agencies.

Many of our placement agencies rely heavily on the free labor provided by the Fine Option program in delivering effective, just and humane services to our communities.

Statistics from our 2016 / 2017 fiscal year:

984 Traffic Safety Act & Parking Ticket Placements, on 1301 Fines. Community Service Hours 27,296
There are 44 Community Placement Agencies in Regina.

2127 Traffic Safety Act & Parking Ticket Placements, on 2,376 Fines. Community Service Hours 52,170
There are 51 Community Placement Agencies in Saskatoon.

Moose Jaw:
167 Traffic Safety Act & Parking Ticket Placements, on 231 Fines. Community Service Hours 5,186
There are 17 Community Placement Agencies in Moose Jaw.

Greg Fleet
Chief Executive Officer
John Howard Society of Saskatchewan