Saskatoon Services

There are many services and residential options for individuals in Saskatoon.

Fine Option Program

Fine Option provides an alternative to paying out of pocket for certain fines. People are registered through one of our branches and then placed in a volunteer work arrangement with one of our community partners where they go to work off their fine. John Howard Society of Saskatchewan is the largest Fine Option providers in the province matching more than 2500 people with volunteer placements last year totaling more than 140,000 hours of volunteer support in the community in 2015.

Community Service Order Program

Convicted youth may receive Community Service Hours as part of their release/probation, ordered by a Youth Court Judge. The John Howard Society meets with the youth and then finds a suitable community placement where they can work to complete their community service hours. Progress and completion are monitored and reported back to the Ministry of Justice, Corrections and Policing.

Chill Out Program

Chill Out is an interactive anger management course for youth who may be experiencing problems with anger, stress, and aggression. They may face assault charges, uttering threats, or other aggressive offenses that require Chill Out as part of their mediation.
Other referrals to this program come from schools, parents and other concerned members of the community. Chill Out is designed to help youth talk about their triggers, their types of anger, and techniques for controlling and venting anger in healthy ways.
Videos, presenters, group discussions, and workbooks are used throughout the program to enhance the learning experience. Like StopLift, Chill Out can be completed in a group setting or one-on-one, based on the youth’s needs and availability. The program can be designed to include bullying information and workbooks based on criminal charges, the needs of the client, and the request from parents and teachers.

Social Programs

JHSS Social programs provide a diversity of housing and community supports to youth aged 12 – 21 years. Social Programs work in partnership with the Ministry of Social Services and youth affiliated organizations. Youth receive a continuum of supports ranging from preparing and transitioning to live independently, youth needing a moderate level of support, and youth with exceptional challenge and barriers requiring high levels of support. Saskatoon’s Social Programs include Bert’s Safe Shelter, Basswood Place, Jays Place, Cedar House and Supported Independent Living program. The Community Outreach Support Program is integrated into JHSS housing and community connection supports.

Bert’s Safe Shelter

The Safe Shelter provides males aged 12- 15 years, temporary residence for a period of up to 30 days through referral from the Ministry of Social Services. A maximum of five youth are provided 24/7 staffing support. meeting emergent needs related to health, housing, addiction, family breakdown and education. Bert’s program focuses on intensive short-term case planning to effectively transition to a longer term residence, inclusive of an appropriate JHSS home environment.

Basswood Place

Basswood Place provides male youth aged 12-15 referred by the Ministry of Social Services, a long-term Staffed Peer Home environment. Five male youth reside in the home at a time and receive ongoing support. Basswood requires youth to possess a commitment to case planning and goal setting to facilitate positive outcomes for positive decision- making and effective life skills management.

Jays Place

Jays Place provides up to five male youth aged 12-15 a Staffed Peer Home environment with referrals from the Ministry of Social Services. Jays Place requires youth to possess a commitment to case planning and goal setting to facilitate positive outcomes for positive decision- making and effective life skills management.

Cedar House

Cedar House provides up to five youth aged 15-21 years a long-term Mentored Peer Home environment with referrals from the Ministry of Social Services. Referred youth come to the home with a high level of commitment to case planning, goal setting, life skills development and long-term planning. Youth are supported to transition and exit out of the JHSS continuum of care into independent living.

Supported Independent Living Program (SILP)

Supported Independent Living Program (SILP) is a community-based program that provides support to young people between the ages of 16 and 21 who are currently involved with the Ministry of Social Services in the Long Term/Permanent Ward, Section 10 and Section 56 Program. We assist young people in acquiring the skills and experience needed to make a successful transition to independence and adulthood. The program offers assistance in the areas of community connections, life skills, education, health and self advocacy.

Community Outreach Support Program

This program serves youth and young adults experiencing multiple and complex barriers and challenges. Supports include access to education and employment, addictions and harm reduction assistance, crisis intervention, counseling, housing, advocacy, mentorship, transportation, and recreation. Emphasis is placed on access to medical and mental health supports.