Regina Services

There are many services and residential options for individuals in Regina. Contact us at (306) 757-6657.

Fine Option Program

Fine Option provides an alternative to paying out of pocket for certain fines. People are registered through one of our branches and then placed in a volunteer work arrangement with one of our community partners where they go to work off their fine. John Howard Society of Saskatchewan is the largest Fine Option provider in the province matching more than 2500 people with volunteer placements totaling more than 140,000 hours of volunteer support in the community in 2015. Phone (306) 757-5415 for more information on this specific program.

Linking Youth’s Needs to the Community (LYNC)

LYNC offers young people with a high risk to reoffend a positive connection to sustainable supports in the community. Risk is managed by enhancing youth’s personal assets and skill base and promoting healthy lifestyles.
To receive services clients must meet the following criteria:
• Age 15-24
• Voluntarily accepts service/willingness to participate
• Sentenced offender under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice
• Assessed at a level 4 or 5 on the LSI-SK or High on the SPRA.

Community Service Program

Upon conviction of an offense, a judge may order community service hours to be completed. Our placement agent arranges for youth and adults to work at a non-profit organization in our community. Upon completion, the court and probation officer are notified.

Supported Independent Living Program (SILP)

Supported Independent Living Program (SILP) is a community-based program that provides support to young people between the ages of 16 and 21 who are currently involved with the Ministry of Social Services in the Long Term/Permanent Ward, Section 10 and Section 56 Program. We assist young people in acquiring the skills and experience needed to make a successful transition to independence and adulthood. The program offers assistance in the areas of community connections, life skills, education, health and self advocacy.

Robert’s Place

Robert’s Place is a voluntary peer home for male youth ages 12 -15 in care of the Ministry of Social Services. Youth living at Robert’s Place choose to live a healthy lifestyle while continuously working to make positive choices. Supported by JHSS, youth have access to programming such as community engagement, recreation, education and cultural activities.

Stewart’s Place

Stewart’s Place is a voluntary mentor home for male youth ages 16-21in care of the Ministry. This program is tailored to assist youth who are choosing a healthy lifestyle to become independent in the next stage of young adulthood. JHSS supports facilitate life skills development such as employment, independent living skills, career and post-secondary education preparation.